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Toyota City Boys & Girls Choir Youth


Started as a public youth choir, a very rare concept in Japan, to be the "Music ambassador of the Toyota citizens" in August 1977. Having a motto of being a "Symbol of the bright, fun, and heart-touching citizens' cultural activity" with 2nd grade elementary school students to university students, they are holing regular concerts and participating in prefectural festivals, concerts and events. Also, they are passionate about international exchange activity, and expanding their activity through jonit performance with choirs from abroad. They have received the Aichi prefecture Art and Culture encouragement award in 2001, and the Gold prize (Mayor of Hyogo prefecture award) in 2015, Silver prize in 2014, 2016 and 2017 at the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest.



Hiroko Naga

Born in Nagoya city. Graduated from the Aichi university of the arts, department of music, profession of vocal music. Led this choir since 1990, and became the conductor in 2000. She pursues new stage expression through the performance style and chorus based on the style of the music piece. Conducted and led multiple choirs to high positions in the Japan chorus competition, Takarazuka international chamber chorus contest, Japan mother's chorus national competition. Studied vocal music under Shiro Kanda and Fumiko Kobayashi, classical vocal singing under Sadao Udagawa, Choral conducting under Kenji Otani. Currently, she is working as the choir conductor and voice trainer for 8 groups in Aichi prefecture, including Toyoda city children's choir and Chor Lilias. Part-time teacher at Aichi university of arts.

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