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Chor Bandana & Chor Amica


15 years ago, Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, who passed away at his age of 105, has started many clubs from his thoughts to "start new attempts from age 75". Among the clubs such as Hula-dancing and Baseball, the choir club has started their activity first, and the Tokyo section "Chor Bandana" with the red bandana and the Kanagawa section "Chor Amica" with the concept of everyone being friendly, are participating together in the "Golden Wave" concert held every April at the Minatomirai Hall in Yokohama, and the "VisCent joint chorus" concert held every November by the Kanagawa Choral Association. Their honor is the members' average age of 83.5 years and having 5 members older than 90 years. It is also a great joy to be able to sing in German and English, which was labelled as "the language of the enemy" during their youth.



Taeko Kuwabara

Graduated from the Ferris university department of music, profession of vocal music. After working as the lecturer there, she is now the Advisor at the Kanagawa Choral Association and the Lecturer at the Asahi culture center. Jury at the Bandung ITB international choral competition (Indonesia), NHK music competition, Takarazuka international chamber choral contest. Conductor of the Shihomi Chor and Voce di carillon. She has been conducting the Odawara children's choir for 54 years, Mulberry choir for 34 years, and Mulberry chamber choir for 20 years, and led them to achieve 1st place in the Kodaly international choral competition (Hungary), 1st place in the Riva del Garda international choral competition (Italy), 1st place in the Arezzo international choral competition (Italy), Best conductor prize in the Prague international choral competition (Czech), 1st place in the National competition of the Japan choral competition, Grand prix in the Takarazuka international choral contest, etc.

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