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Kimitsu-junior Chorus


Having the motto of "Reach out with the power of music! Let's sing world-class music one day". Held a Christmas concert as a charity to support the children of the victims of 9.11, and since then they have been holding charity concerts for 17 years and making donations through Unicef and Japan red cross. Since the East Japan earthquake, they also have been holding restoration support concerts in the affected area every year and have been donating to the temporary housing etc. Based on their activity, ther received the "Youngsters of the year that make the future" award. Longing for the rich expression that they have met in the Children's chorus festival and Karuizawa International Chorus Festival, they are thinking and acting upon what kind of Omotenashi that they can do through music for 2020.


Manami Ishikawa

As a teacher in elementary school, she led choirs to participating in the Prefectural and Kanto area competition of the NHK school music competition, and the TBS children's music competition East Japan concert. Working as the regular conductor of the Kimitsu children's choir, she has collaborated on the new music recording of composers leading the choral world (Ko Matsushita, Makiko Kinoshita, Kazuaki Ogikubo, Sakurako Ota, Jyunnosuke Yamamoto, Mineaki Yoshida, Yumiko Yokoyama, Takako Okuma, Hiroshi Tomizawa, Kentaro Sato). Studied conducting (Saito method) under Hiromi Ninomiya. She received the Minister of Education award for Teacher of Excellence, Chiba educational award, acclaim of class expert. Currently, teacher of music in the Minami-koyasu elementary school of Kimitsu city, Chiba prefecture.

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