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Sakura Junior Choir


Founded in 2003. They are learning the wonder of expression through chorus, and the importance of connecting and meeting with people. Based in Sakura city (Chiba prefecture), they are actively having exchanges with choirs abroad. Participated in the Kyoto ALTI vocal ensemble festival 2015 and the Karuizawa International Chorus Festival 2016. This August, they have been invited to the Taipei International Choral Music Festival (Taiwan) and performed in the Taipei National Music Hall. Received high acclaim through the joint concert with the Hachioji Minamino Kids Singers (Tokyo). Premiered the choral music collection "A-I-U-E Hoy!" commissioned to Ko Matsushita in 2015. The recording CD has been sold last year, and the score and the CD became the bast seller of 2016 in Pana Musica.


Tokiko Toya

Graduated from the Kunitachi college of music, Faculty of music studies. Currently studying chorus education in the Doctoral course of Tokyo Gakugei University, the United Graduate School of Education, Class of Arts Education. Received 1st place in the 29th Yamaguchi prefecture students music competition vocal music category, and the Mainichi press award. Performed in the Taki Rentarou memorial music festival. Studied choral conducting under Kenji Otani, Vocal music under Junko Suehiro, Classical vocal music under Nao Hirose. In Hungary, she obtained a diploma at the 11th Szeged international coral conducting seminar by Eva Rozgonyi and hosted by the Bartok Female choir and Cardos Pal foundation. Currently brushing up her skill by being a member of the Tokyo Ladies Consort Sayaka and Gaia philharmonic choir, both of which the conductor and composer Ko Matsushita is working as the artistic director and conductor.

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