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Coola~Cappella has masterly carried their unique a cappella music towards the world mainly by being featured on various stages of international events in and out of Korea since it’s founding in 2007. They present their own fascinating color which is strongly rooted in Korean traditional musical factors and try to miix diverse style of multi cultural music. They have changed their combination from mixed to female ensemble in 2016. It currently consists of 12 young female singers specialized in each style of vocal technique such as coloratura sopranos altos pop/jazz vocalists, Korean traditional court music vocalists and so on.


Cool-Jae Huh

Dr. HUH is regarded as one of the leading choral composers in Korea. He has founded Korean Choral Composers Association and is leading the Korean A-Cappella Society. He is also serving on the Board of Korean Federation for Choral Music and had served as the composer in residence for National Chorus of Korea from 2015 to 2017. He studied in music composition, Jazz, traditional Korean music and choral conducting at various music colleges in and out of Korea. He is also taking part of many international choral/a-cappella events as a juror or lecturer.

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