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The choir name means "new music" in Portuguese. By new ways of practicing and managing, they have started their activity in 2016 in order to raise the level of chorus activity to a way that fits the current era, and to become a group that can provide new value. They are practicing an effective and sustainable choir management, for example, through 4ch multi audio recording and 360 degrees video recording of their lessons to support members that cannot join a session, organized ensemble based on progress management, incorporating diverse practice places by introduction of branches, and rules to reflect each individual's opinion in the choir activity. Received the Silver prize in Kansai choral competition in 2016, Gold prize in Nara choral competition in 2016, Gold prize in Kansai choral competition in 2017, and Gold prize (representative) in Nara choral competition in 2017.


Equal Voice Choir


Taiki Shimozono

Born in Kobe city. Studied at Kansai gakuin junior high school, high school, university, and currently studying the mathmatizing the impression of harmony in its graduate school. During his study, he was a member of the Kansai gakuin high school glee club and the Kansai gakuin glee club, and served as the student conductor. Currently, he is working in Yamaha, and also is the conductor of Cancao Nova, subconductor of male choir "Kaze", and the coach of Kansai gakuin high school glee club. He is also working as a member of the quartet group "Quartet Danshi", and started studying arrangement and composition by himself. He has multiple compositions published, including "Selection "Tanjyou" of the works of Miyuki Nakajima for male chorus".

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