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Hata Boys & Girls Choir


Founded in Hata Town (now Matsumoto city) in 2006, now it is the 12th year of the choir, they are consisted of around 60 members ranging from Elementary school to University. With the motto of "Put hearts together, and send love to you", they are actively performing with putting importance to local music events, with the target of having a voice that rings the heart. Participated in the 62nd European youth music festival (Belgium) in 2014 as the representative of Japan, they received the 1st prise cum laude in the equal voice youth choir category B. In the same year, they received the Matsumoto city culture and arts encouragement prize. Held a joint concert with the Dresden philharmonic children's choir in 2015. Participated in the setting of "Yama-no Hi" memorial ceremony in 2016. Also, they have sung in the Children's chorus festival held by the Japan choral association for 4 times.


Fumiya Iwashita

Regular conductor and musical director of the Hata children's choir founded in 2006. It is his 12th year. Along with working as a teacher of Elementary school and Junior high school, he is leading chorus clubs, and in 1997 he led the Shinshu University Matsumoto Elementary School Chorus Club to the Bronze 3rd place in the National competition of the NHK national school music competition. In May 2014, He led the Hata Children's Choir to 1st prise cum laude in the equal voice youth choir category B at the European Youth Music Festival held in Belgium.

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