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Odawara Children's Choir & Mulberry Choir


The Odawara Children's Choir and the Mulberry Choir is having joint performances every 5 years, and year 2018 is the 55th anniversary of the Odaward Children's Choir, that has been founded in 1963. Past acheivements include 1st prize and best vocalization award in the Prague International Choral Competition Children's Chorus category, 1st prize in the Riva del Garda International Choral Competition Youth equal voices category, Gold prize in the National Competition of the Japan Choral Competition in 1995 and 2015. The Mulberry Choir, which is the choir consisted of the alumni of the Odawara Children's Choir, was founded in 1985. Past achievements include overall 1st prize in the Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest, 1st prize in the Kodaly International Choral Competition Youth category (Hungary), 1st prize in the Arezzo International Choral Competition Folklore category (Italy), multiple Gold prizes in the National Competition of the Japan Choral Competition.


Equal Voice Choir


Taeko Kuwabara

Conducting the Odawara Children's Choir for 55 years since its foundation, also is a conductor for a total of 9 choirs including Mulberry Choir and Mulberry Chamber Choir. After working as the lecturer at the Ferris University department of music, she is now the Advisor at the Kanagawa Choral Association, Lecturer at the Asahi culture center, and Jury of the NHK music competition. Also she is a jury in the ITB International Choral Competition (Indonesia) and Takarazuka international chamber choir contest. She received the Best conductor's prize in the Prague Chamber Choir Competition (Czech) in 2006.

Xabier Sarasola

From Spain-Basque, he is a Composer, Choral conductor, and Professor of Violin at the Beasain music school. Studied choral conducting under Javier Busto, E. Ericcson, A. Eby, C. Hogset, and G. Graden. Conducted the Loinatz choir for 26 years. Member of the vocal group KEA. Jury in the European Grand Prix for four times. He is visiting Japan for the memorial concert of the 55th anniversary of Odawara Children's Choir and the 20th anniversary of Mulberry Chamber Choir (31 July).

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