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Kinjo Gakuin is the oldest Christian private school for girls in Nagoya. Kinjo Gakuin Glee Club consists of female students from six grades. This Glee Club works actively through the year with regular concerts, school worship services and charity concerts at various locations. The overseas concert tour is one of our most important activities for international goodwill and cultural exchange through the music. We performed in China (1986, 2000), Poland (1989, 2011, 2015), Germany and Lithuania (1995), Austria and Slovakia (1998), Korea (1999), Hungary (2003), Switzerland (2006) and Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2019). We also give many joint concerts with choirs from various countries in Japan. Kinjo Gakuin Glee Club has been awarded many prizes in competitions. Notable awards include the gold prize (2nd prize ) at the 2018 Tokyo International Choir Competition and the bronze prize (2017) and the silver prize (2022) at the JCA National Choral Competition.

Reiko Miyaki

Born in Japan, Reiko Miyaki is a graduate of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where she also completed her postgraduate degree. She studied under Mitsuru Nakajima, Franz Donner, Rudolph Pietsch and Werner Schmid. While she lived in Vienna, she performed widely at concerts. After she returned to Japan, she has actively played solo recitals. Reiko Miyaki was an instructor at Nagoya College of Music. She became the conductor of the Kinjo Gakuin Glee Club in 2017 after many years of being the voice trainer of it. She is currently the supervisor of Ensemble Donau.

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