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MST School Choir

MST School Choir


SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School, a government-aided school on a green hill in the New Territories of Hong Kong, has long cherished a fine tradition in choral music. The girls’ choir was founded more than 30 years ago, and has won numerous top prizes in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. The school has also established treble and senior mixed choirs with the aim of enhancing the musicality of students and widening their repertoire. The choir also actively participates in community activities and caroling programs during festive times, like SCL Youth Music Festiva l(2016). MST highly values the members of its well-established music department.

Dr. TAI Suk-yan

TAI graduated from the music department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying piano, Cantonese Opera, Chinese Music and ethnomusicology. She appears regularly in seminar, conference, recitals as pianist and organist, also as conductor in choral concerts. She is currently a secondary school music teacher in Hong Kong and has been the conductor of SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School Choir.

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