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Paduan Suara Nine's Voice SMA NEGERI 9 MANADO

Nine's Voice Choir SMA NEGERI 9 MANADO


Nine's voice is a high school student's choir which begins with a longing to express the students' talents and abilities in singing. Thanks to the cooperation of student and advisor, nine's voice was created on December 27, 2007. During the 15 years of training and service processes, nine's voice has had special training from full-time coaches and outside choir consultants. Nine's voice has attended the AVOS festival in Zuhai China and Malaysia, Lanna international Choir Competition in Thailand, Busan Choir Festival and Competition in Busan, Asia Art Fesstival in Singapore and BICF in Bali, Indonesia.

Heskiel Manutty

Heskiel Manutty is a musician born in 1971, Church music scholar from IAKN Manado which is an artistic director of Nine's Voice Choir SMA NEGERI 9 Manado and Sojourner Chorale Choir. Participate in international music Symposiums that have been by music experts, for example, Prof. André de Quadros, Aida Swenson Simanjuntak, Anne Charlotte Lundell, Tommyanto Kandisaputra, Thomas Caplin, etc, had participated in world choir games at Graz, Austria, and Cincinnati Ohio, USA, and other international choir festival

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