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Notre Dame Seishin Senior High School choir


We belong to the chorus club of Notre Dame Seishin Senior High School.
Our school is a mission school, so we participate in peace events in August, Christmas events in December and many community events, too. We practice four days a week. We participate in the NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition and Japan Choral Association Competition every year.
Our greatest strength is good teamwork. Our school is an integrated middle and high school, so all of us are friends who have been working together for more than three years.
The same goes for the teachers who teach us.
There were many times when practice didn’t go as planned and we were worried, but we were able to overcome that because each and every member of the level of our choir by participating in an international competition. However, in the process of practicing, our purpose has changed. We would like everyone to listen to the performance that only we can do now.

Shotaro Ishii

Born in Hiroshima.
He graduated from Elisabeth College of Music with a vocal music. Belongs to Japan Chamber Choir, Elisabeth Singers, The Cygnus Vocal Octet, Men's Vocal Ensemble "TERAOTOKO", etc.
He studied vocal music with Kazuhiro Onomura, Satoshi Sakakibara, Ryoko Kobayashi and Mutsumi Hatano.
He is currently a director of the Hiroshima Prefectural Chorus Federation and Hiroshima Prefectural High School Music Federation. He also works for Notre Dame Seishin Junior and Senior High School and teaches the school choir.

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