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Voces Inspirare

The Voices of Inspiration


The Voces Inspirare is a performing arts group based in Caritas Don Bosco School, Binan, Laguna, Philippines. From its humble beginnings as students called together to perform an operetta in 2019, it soon went on to put together a virtual concert in 2021 and a one-act play in 2023. The group also often makes appearances during school events, either as the choir for the Holy Mass or to open a program with a song. The choir specializes in various genres ranging from Classical and Broadway to OPM and Folk music. Though considered a theatre group, VI excels in singing choral pieces arranged in acapella and polyphony.

The group is composed of Grade 6 to Grade 11 students in Caritas Don Bosco School, occasionally receiving help from alumni members who already graduated from the school. With the help of Bro. Kristian Edsel Amarante, Tr. Jing Banania, and various members of the school administration led by Japanese nuns from the SCG congregation, the Voces Inspirare wishes to live up to its motto in all that they do: "Act to aspire, sing to inspire".

Geraldine V. Banania

Ms. Geraldine Banania, the adviser of the Voces Inspirare, was born in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, and started her musical path as an organist at the Don Bosco Youth Center in her hometown.

She then pursued her dream of being an educator. She entered Union College of Laguna and took a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. She then entered the Philippine Women’s University and took a Master of Arts in Music Education.

Since 2014, she carries on with that passion up until today. Ms. Geraldine pledged to keep up with her musical endeavors as long as there are students willing to learn.

Kristian Edsel S. Amarante

A former vocalist and guitarist of a rock band composed of Sacristans, he shifted his music towards choral music upon hearing performances from the Philippine Madrigal Singers and other distinguished choirs. He formed the Magnificat Singers (2007) and Voces Inspirare (2019), among others, and since then improved his musical knowledge through his membership with the Philippine Choral Directors Association.

He believes music is a gift from God and should be used for evangelization. With the numerous choirs he handled, he aims to inspire other choir groups to improve their skills to lead the community in prayer better.

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