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The World Choral Championship is now formed!

We have formed the “World Choral Championship (WCC)” consisted of four international choral competitions including the Tokyo International Choral Competition. The WCC will be a Grand-prix competition to decide the best among the winning choirs of each competition, which will be held on the next year of winning. International choral competitions joining the WCC are as below: - International Krakow Choir Festival “Cracovia Cantans” (Krakow, Poland) - Tokyo International Choral Competition (Tokyo, Japan) - Taipei International Choral Competition (Taipei, Taiwan) - Rimini International Choral Competition (Rimini, Italy) (Sorted by order of event date) The choir that becomes the grand-prix for each competition held in 2018 will be participating in the WCC 2019. The first WCC will be held in July 2019 in Tokyo. After that, the WCC will be held at each competition venue, i.e. Rimini (2020), Krakow (2021), and Taipei (2022). Aim for the world champion! We are looking forward for you and your choir to join the Tokyo International Choral Competition and also each participating competition of the WCC.

The website of WCC is HERE.



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