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This competition was certified as "beyond2020" program.

The Tokyo International Choir Competition was certified as the "beyond2020" program promoted by the Headquarters Secretariat for the Promotion of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

<"beyond2020" program>

The "beyond2020" program is to give logo marks to cultural programs that contribute to the creation of legacy that is proud of the next generation, making full use of the regional rich and diverse cultures.

In certifying the program, it is necessary to include a project or activity including one of the following.

・Efforts to eliminate barriers of people with disabilities ・Efforts to eliminate language barriers of foreigners The "beyond2020" program targets are projects or activities conducted by a wide range of people, including public institutions, private enterprises, and other voluntary organizations. Regardless of commercial activities, nonprofit activities, we certify a wide range of activities related to culture.

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