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The charm for victory of choral competition made by Japanese Shinto Shrine is available (limited rel

Good day, friends, how are you?

Finally, we have rest less than 1 month to the competition.

Probably the competitors are absorbed in rehearsal and preparation for your travel.

Our executive committee and Tatebe Shinto shrine (at Hokuto city, Yamanashi Prefecture) has just created a new charm which is made for especially victory of choral competition.

Tatebe Shinto shrine enshrines God of competition, and Guji (a person responsible for the shrine rituals) Mr. Sadao Ishihara prayed for victory for choir competition for each charm with his warmest wishes.

Absolutely you will receive good luck if you have this charm in your pocket on the stage of the competition!

The price of this charm is 700 JPY.

Would you have this powerful charm?

If you want, please have a contact organization office by a call, or Email.

Organization office:

(+81) 42-689-5641

By the way, this charm is available only limited 200 pieces. they will be sold on the competition days at the concert hall, but may be sold out before the competition. This is why an early contact of you would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

About Tatebe Shinto Shrine (only Japanese):

The Charms for victory of choral competition (specifically manufactured)



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